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Actions speak louder than words… especially in sales. This concept is what has led Universal Circulation to be one of the sales industry’s best at creating real, sustainable sales programs. By joining our team, you’ll be accepting the challenge to truly make the kinds of sales that count.

Instead of spending endless hours calling and recalling the same customer pool, hoping for a different response, you’ll be given the opportunity to create a rewarding career in sales based on solid training and your ability to produce results. That means you have choices besides telephone sales with which to pursue your career. You may prefer phone sales and customer service, or, you may have a natural talent for face-to-face sales interactions. Whatever promises you the greatest opportunity at success is what we’ll nurture.

Our training program covers a variety of environments in a wide range of scenarios – from in-store or retail kiosk sales, to sales/spokesperson at corporate events, to a commission-based representative of the company or product that hired us. Nearly anyone with a passion for doing things well and a commitment to long-term results and teamwork can succeed here at Universal Circulation. If this sounds like you – we can’t wait to meet you.

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We regularly have job openings for outside sales specialists. They are our pivotal key players in the sales environment, and the people upon whom we depend the most for accomplishing client requests and maintaining our reputation as true sales professionals. We offer a variety of positions at various levels (from entry level to management), multiple shift choices, competitive hourly wages (some positions also provide commissions), and a positive work environment.

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With a population of over 1.5 million, Charlotte’s metropolitan area is the biggest in the Carolinas and it’s only growing. The geographic location of the city is a major drawing point for a lot of people. Roughly one in four residents of the Queen City have moved here in the past decade. The city has lots to offer for anyone who moves here, whether you are a sports fan, like to explore the night life, or prefer to challenge your mind. In fact, as one of the nation’s fastest growing cities, Charlotte attracts 500 newcomers each week!

We are always looking for talented people to complement our sales team and corporate team. Do you believe you have what it takes? Apply here today.

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