Auto-Pay Conversions

Besides the hard work and dedication of our sales team, the greatest secret behind Newspaper Inc.’s sales numbers is our Auto-Pay system. With Auto-Pay (also known as EZ Pay), subscription fees are deducted from checking or credit card accounts on a monthly basis. This process converts high-churn at-risk subscribers into essential core subscribers, resulting in a dramatic boost in retention. Auto-pay subscribers have much lower churn than bill-me subscribers, and we work hard to convert existing bill-me clients to automated pre-pay clients.  Cancelled customers are contacted, re-subscribed and switched to Auto-Pay and existing accounts for Carrier Collect, Billed Service and even Sunday Only customers are converted as well.

In the hands of our experienced personnel, Auto-Pay becomes a tremendous sales tool – allowing our representatives to succeed at meeting or exceeding sales goals and at delivering maximum results to our clients.


No one likes to make or receive calls regarding late or delinquent payments. However, unpaid balances can severely limit your publication’s production and profitability. Our customer service experts know how to handle these calls with professionalism, courtesy, and, most importantly, clear communication to help customers submit payments in a timely manner.

Stop Savers

Newspapers Inc. reestablishes and solidifies your relationship with “Stop” subscribers by signing them up on Auto-pay.  Outstanding balances are collected, bringing accounts up to date.  Our skilled professionals walk customers through the quick and easy Auto-pay system, maintaining a positive relationship every step of the way.

At-Risk Subscribers (Six Weekers)

At-risk subscribers (individuals that will not renew or haven’t paid) can be salvaged instead of lost.  Often the issues responsible can be addressed through our talented team of troubleshooters. Those that complete this specialized training become powerful allies in increasing revenue. We give qualified sales personnel the discretion to solve problems, and, in turn, retain customers and insure future or continued subscriptions.