Subscription Sales

Proven Sales Results… in Black and White

Newspapers Inc. has been Universal Circulation’s publication subscription sales branch since 1989. Back then, we worked in door-to-door sales, cultivating strong relationships with customers and ensuring long-term customer loyalty to the publications we represented. In 1995, our business model shifted with consumer demand to offer subscriptions over the phone and online, as well as in-person, private-label sales support at retail locations, kiosks, or promotional events. However, one thing never changed: our commitment to an excellent sales experience, both for customers and publications.

Today’s Newspapers Inc. encompasses a motivated sales team with hundreds of years of combined experience, with training programs, leading-edge payment technology, and customer satisfaction tools that make our sales representatives are among the best in the business. From the moment a person begins working for Newspapers Inc., we cultivate the dedication and motivation it takes to elevate a simple sales position to a powerful sales career based on measurable results.

A team like ours makes almost any sales goal possible… with specialized services designed to overcome typical obstacles, difficult situations, and individual challenges.

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