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Lead Cultivation

Based on your parameters and specifications, we’ll pursue a targeted audience of potential clients to identify the best ones to acquire. Then, we’ll contact those leads with a customized, well-rehearsed discussion and a full understanding of what your business can offer. From those interactions, we’ll then classify opportunities from the highest probability of closing with minimum investment to the lowest probability of closing with maximum investment. From there, you can select whether to allow us to complete the sale or if you want to close the deal yourself with the highest-yield targets. Or, in live sales situations, we’ll be sure that every sale that is closed is done with the same care and attention to detail as a sale you made in person. We’ll even review and recall the audience periodically to place your business in prime position should situations at an undesirable prospect suddenly change for the better.


Sometimes the best, most effective sales approach is an all-out blitz. But even a heavy push needs to be coordinated with skill and precision. Whether you’re introducing a new service, opening a new office, or trying to take a competitor’s market share, Universal Circulation can help you maximize results. We’ll take our most experienced sales teams and put them at your complete disposal… working towards aggressive goals with proper incentives to fuel the effort. Our personnel become an extension of your business – communicating with potential clients with all the same enthusiasm and insight as your senior staff.

    • We also offer a SWAT Team approach for those companies seeking a core group of sales experts to overcome challenging sales environments. Community gatherings, promotional events, sponsorships, retail expos, and other mass-market sales opportunities are just some of the in-person sales scenarios in which our representatives make the perfect addition to your sales efforts. The training our representatives receive at Universal Circulation makes it possible.


Need the expertise of a proven sales industry leader to help guide your marketing decisions? We can provide insight on everything from pricing (including discounts and introductory offers), promotions, added-value strategies, competitive analysis, and client satisfaction and retention.

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