Product Sales & Manufacturing

The Power to Move Product

Congratulations! The many long hours of research and development paid off and you are now ready to introduce your new product to market. Or, maybe your product is struggling with a sales slump and you’re ready to make the necessary changes to start moving in the right direction again. In either case, having an experienced sales team on your side can dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to reach your goals.

The Universal Circulation product sales team is specially trained to address multiple sales initiatives. Our expertise in the product and manufacturing industry includes business-to-business sales, distribution agreement sales, licensed product sales, and exclusive retail contracts in addition to traditional consumer sales. Even better, our representatives are at home and effective in a variety of environments, including outbound telephone sales; or in-person at retail kiosks, in-store demonstrations or sales, promotional events, expos and conventions, and more.

Lead Cultivation

When it comes to successfully launching or re-launching a product, simple demographics fall short of defining a target audience. You also have to consider all the stopping points for your product between your factory floor and the hands of consumers. When Universal Circulation cultivates these leads, we make sure to deliver complete “packages” of leads so that every point in the supply chain has been addressed without gaps that can cause delays and cost you lost revenue.


In the most competitive sales environments product training and product sales training can make all the difference between your success and the success of your competitors. Our sales representatives function as on-call product experts that can teach and communicate the subtle, yet valuable characteristics that make your product a better sales choice. Whether we’re making sales for you over the phone or acting as a private-label extension of your person-to-person customer sales representatives at a retail location or other sales venue, we treat every sale as though it were our own, because we understand that each and every sale matters to you, our client. We’ll even tailor our messaging based on your audience (distributor, retailer, consumer) or on specific performance benchmarks (i.e. 20% market saturation after 6 months).

        • We also offer a SWAT Team approach for those companies seeking a core group of sales experts to overcome challenging sales environments. Product launches, co-op events, sponsorships, promotional events, retail expos, and other mass-market sales opportunities are just some of the in-person sales scenarios in which our representatives make the perfect addition to your sales efforts. The training our representatives receive at Universal Circulation makes it possible.


Product marketing at the corporate level encompasses its own unique set of challenges. We can advise you on how to maximize every sales opportunity all the way through your supply chain. Universal Circulation’s personnel can up-sell long-term agreements and high inventory levels for distributors. We can also provide incentives to retailers in order to clear out an inventory backlog or to pave the way for a product innovation. We can even help organize sales-force troubleshooting calls that optimize the performance of commission-based salespeople at the consumer level.