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Julie Achauer – Senior Circulation Manager of Audience Development, The Lexington Herald – Leader

We’ve worked with Universal Circulation for several years and the partnership has been a significant factor for paid re-sales with a valuable retention rate. As we’ve revised and re-invented our on-site processes they’ve accommodated us with each new phase. UC provides outstanding customer service.

Mark Henschen – Circulation Director, The North County Times Newspaper Association of America’s Circulation Sales Executive of the Year, 2003 – Escondido, CA

Currently we have 64.3% of all North County Times subscribers on the “EZ-Pay” (auto pay) program. This is one of the highest, if not the highest, levels in the entire nation.
The single greatest reason we are enjoying this success is Universal Circulation. The superb team of high-level professionals are one of the few companies in the nation that ‘get it’ when it comes to EZ-Pay and understanding this value equation.

The law of diminishing returns is real, but we still have not reached that point after nearly seven years of continuous growth! Whatever level of EZ-Pay you have reached; there is plenty of room to grow. Prior to our introduction of the program in June of 1997, annual subscriber “churn” was as high as 134% in 1995. Today that number has declined to just over 45%. In Jan. 2001 we had 54,391 “core” customers. As of Jan. 2004 that has grown to 64,348 a gain of over 10,000! It truly is a strong indicator of the success of the entire newspaper.

Dick High – Publisher, The North County Times – Escondido, CA

Universal Circulation has mastered auto pay sales and retention. They lead the nation in building low-churn circulation at a reasonable cost. Without reservation, I recommend, if you understand that the value of an auto-pay order is more than twice that of a bill-me order, you cannot afford not to explore what Universal Circulation can do for you.

Central North Carolina Better Business Bureau

I have worked with Universal Circulation for a number of years. I have always been pleased with their results. The team takes extra time to understand the needs of their clients, which makes them highly effective. Additionally, in my experience, Universal Circulation has always proven to be focused on superior customer satisfaction. In short, they deliver on promises.”

Kevin Hinterberger, President and CEO of the Central North Carolina Better Business Bureau

Northwest North Carolina Better Business Bureau

The Universal Circulation team consistently provides expert, friendly and timely service. For us, working with an outside group presents a critical and nerve-wracking challenge. The Universal Circulation team performs their work with the same dedication as we do ourselves and does so with consistent quality and zero problems.

David Dalrymple, President and CEO of the Northwest North Carolina Better Business Bureau