Best Practice: UC Weekly Reports

At Universal Circulation, we are committed to communicate with our clients on our progress on a weekly basis. This allows us to constantly refine and improve our results. We send reports to our clients every Monday. Our detailed reports shows results for each individual contact.

The definitions of our call responses are for instance SALE, BAD# (Wrong or disconnected number), NOACCT (wanted special, but did not have a credit card or checking account to pay by phone. We ask them to call you directly to find out what other offers are available), or MOVE (Moved or in the process of moving out of the area). We even go as far as recording the language spoken during a call, and we have at least one Spanish speaking rep in each phone room at all times for assistance.

The project managers take detailed notes of their findings from verification reports, live listening and meetings with the sales team. These notes are sent our Ops Manager, who then meets with the project manager to discuss possible ways to make the campaign more successful. When they come up with solutions they feel will improve our conversion rate, they contact the client to discuss.

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